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 We gaze at them—bright, shiny, glittering glass rainbows of color that conjure up joyful memories of so many Christmases past and that are filled with the promise of so many Christmases yet to come. Round prisms where the colors change before your eyes as they seem to dance in the warm lights strung on the tree and the glow of nearby candlelight. Who doesn’t get a little excited at the sight of the first ornament being hung on the family Christmas tree? Who isn’t comforted by seeing our favorite ornaments adorning the tree year after year, no matter what other things in our life may have changed? And who doesn’t gently and a little bit wistfully pack them away after this holiday’s memories are made, to be revisited next year like old friends who have a cherished place in our hearts? We at The Glass Noel believe in the spirit of Christmas, and it is our hope that we can add to your enjoyment of the holiday through our ornaments. Since each one of our glass ornaments is hand-painted on the inside, no two are the same.  In addition, our new hand-etched Glass Cubes and Votives are lovingly created by the artists at The Glass Noel, and always make a perfect collectable, heirloom-quality gift for family, co-workers, friends, or as a keepsake adornment for your own Christmas tree for years to come.  We also encourage custom orders for our hand-etched glass pieces for special events, celebrations and more!

We wish you happy memories and a very Merry Christmas!

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic our physical shop is closed.
Hand painted glass Christmas ornaments.
The Glass Noel